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Graphic Design:

Get your audience HOOKED!

Meet one of our clients, A2GG (Adding 2 Gods Gifts). A2GG is an athletic training program that uses sports and mentoring as a tool to develop physical, mental, and spiritual skills in their community’s youth. 

Services provided for A2GG: 

- Graphic Design

- Web Design

- Photography

Wanna know what A2GG thinks of WharfMedia? 

I’m Ready, Let's HOOK em!

Details & Disclaimers

  1. Same day design is available upon request at an additional fee. *Rush Fee: +$25 

  2. Standard production time is 3-5 business days (M-F) after ALL design details are provided.  This time period does not apply to orders over 6 designs.

  3. These are digital designs. Wharf Media is not a printing company and  does not provide physical prints. 

* Same day design is only applicable to single designs or bundles of 3 or less

* 50% payment is due before the start of each service. 

* Request will be addressed using the email provided within 24-48 hours. You should receive an email from media.wharf@gmail.com. If you do not, check your junk mail and add us as a contact to prevent future junk messages. 

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 they also added to our business  

It’s the CREATIVITY for me!! 

 Wharf Media is very professional, detailed, and timely! They saw my business' vision and brought it to life! They aim for perfection in everything they do! They certainly added to our business.