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anchoring your business identity

Brand Identity: 

Meet one of our clients! EighteenSix is a handmade clay earring store whose goal is to encourage women and girls to embrace the their flaws and see the beauty in their uniqueness, all while making a statement and looking fabulous! 

Services provided for EighteenSix: 

- Branding

- Logo/Graphic Design

- Web Design

- Photography

Wanna know what EighteenSix thinks of WharfMedia? 

I’m Ready, Let's ANCHOR My Ideas

Details & Disclaimers

  1. Branding Consultations are 30 minutes for free (this is a promotion; consults will not always be free)  You will be asked a series of questions so that you get the most for your time. 

  2. After your consult, the Crew will get together and develop a plan of action for your business’ brand. 

  3. You will be provided with researched and considered suggestions that will best serve your particular business/brand. At this time, you will also be presented with a plan of action and suggested Wharf Media services to help get you started. 

*Request will be addressed using the email provided within 24-48 hours. You should receive an email from If you do not, check your junk mail and add us as a contact to prevent future junk messages. 

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EighteenSix is owned and operated by the Creator of Wharf.Media so the media was obviously a no brainer. 

18:6 Testimonial
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