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Dripping with creativity , a jack or “Jill” of many trades. Three years ago, Chelsea started designing before she knew the official name for it.  She soon discovered her passion for assisting others with making their business/brand attractive, efficient, and profitable. One of her fav design quotes is : 

“Design adds value faster than it adds cost” 
- Joel Spolsky

And value is what’s important, because as a result, cost will certainly follow. Your ideas are safe with her, and her goal is to produce something that is better than you expected. Something well....valuable!   

This is Chelsea,

Founder & Designer

This is Vanessa,

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Can you tell how eager and excited she is to sit down with you? Vanessa has the unique ability to say what you're thinking when words fail you.  She is a gifted and attentive listener, thinks critically, and has a heart that considers the best for others. These are all great qualities you’d want someone to have when listening to your business ideas.  Branding is your business’ identity, sit with Vanessa and let us help you come up with a strategy to present to your audience. 

Brand Consultant 


Full service Media Company specializing in Brand Identification, Web & Graphic Design, and Photography for new and existing businesses or brands.